Krav Boca/”Barrikade”

ΑΝΑΡΤΗΘΗΚΕ: 12/03/2021
Free Project

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When some people risk to be put in jail for having participated to a party, and where some cultural actors are judged “useless” by the government, we reassert our right to exist:

Passionate of music, alternative places, keen free party, squats, small local associations, thirsty for liberty, nomads, DIYers, improvised cooks, simple curious persons, unattached pirates, one night partygivers, art professionals and technicians more or less trained…

All those persons who anchor within their personal balance the visceral need to create, exchange, share and appreciate those sensations collectively.

Since five years of touring now we meet exceptional people who welcome us beyond borders. They aren’t motivated by greed but the urge to live. To be free. Without them we would be nothing.

To pay tribute to all those persons behind the scenes, we decided to give our new album “Barrikade” for free.

An album of protest that heralds our new state of mind for years to come…

We love you! Good listening to all!!


released February 14, 2021

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